Horticulture A Career to Explore (Part 1)

After much talk over the last week with the recent CAO application figures being published which saw a drop in agriculture (horticulture) course as a first preference.

What I want you to do when reading through this blog is to make a mental note, when you think about a degree in particular an honors degree in Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management and what it could lead to.

What I am going do now for the rest of the blog is go through a few but not all possible career paths that could be possible for a recent graduate of the above course:

Daffodils in flower, the start of Spring
Daffodils in flower, the start of Spring


This is a possible area if you want to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of horticulturists or keen gardeners wanting to expand their knowledge.

With many paths to choose from teaching at university level to just running your own short courses. An educator is very much a rewarding and exciting pathway to follow.

Media Presenter:

I believe this is an area that is going to grow and develop over the next couple of years as there is a continuous push to get gardening to the forefront of media production. Although this wouldn’t be everyone’s calling, for those who enjoy the lime light a bit more it is indeed a possible avenue to pursue.

Geraniums that I propagated last September, starting to grow nicely
Geraniums that I propagated last September, starting to grow nicely


This is one particular area I can’t wait to delve into and see what’s really involved. As the trends for gardening grow, a need for continuous updates on advice and horticulture trends will follow pursuit. This is another area were horticulturists can show off the know-how and pass on valuable knowledge to gardeners and horticulturists a like.


Although I understand this may apply more to the degree course I am undergoing as I am doing a bachelor of science, it’s one that can be achieved. We will always need research into the latest disease, plants and how to improve or protect our valuable horticulture crops. So there’s always going be openings and potentials in areas like this.

Recent order of Spring  Heather that came in for the nursery
Recent order of Spring Heather that came in for the nursery


We are always going to have some kind of garden, urban schemes or landscapes to be created. No better person to design an area than using the expertise of a horticulturist due to their extensive knowledge of plants and having previous modules based on garden design from the degree programme they under took. This would an area of particular interest for those who have a bit more of a creative flair about them and enjoy drawing plans and sketches.


There are endless possibilities for horticulturists to jump right in and own their own company be it a garden centre, nursery or supplier of horticulture products. It is linked somewhat to the designers as they will need a reputable source to supply products to their ventures.

Forsythia coming into flower
Forsythia coming into flower


There will always be need for advisers or consultants in an industry as diverse as horticulture. People will need the know how from the top end sportsturf managers, to the green fingered gardeners wanting to know how to get the very best of their summer allotment.


For large horticulture companies to be run successfully an employment chain will need to operate in an effective manner. The options for management in these companies can range from buying managers to PR managers and are possible avenues for us horticulturists to explore.

The catkins on the Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
The catkins on the Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’


The horticulture industry is very much closely linked with the forestry and agriculture industries, which have a similar skill set and knowledge.

This leads to further avenues opening and more options to explore in these industries. Especially someone like me who comes from a background in both of these other industries, have further options to venture into as well.

The above are only a few examples which give you an understanding that how diverse it is. An industry such as horticulture has more potential than you might have thought and it also includes areas that you might not have associated with it.

There is a vast and endless amount of careers to pursue with horticulture and doors keep on opening whenever you gain experience with new avenues being found. A love for a particular area within horticulture leads to an exciting and endless possibilities to explore.

So if you want a career that opens more doors than can be imaginable then why not explore horticulture as an option.

Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'
Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella’

I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it.

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